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What is SMC Password?

what is SMC password for sun direct: If you don’t know What is SMC password for sun direct setup box, then please read this useful article for how to get smc password on your TV.

As you know guys For using the balance in your sun direct account, you need to enter the SMC password. I will share here the SUN Direct DTH log in user name is your smart card number.

What is SMC Password?

SMC is the password for all the set-top boxes used in India. If any case you have lost your DTH setup box user name and password (as most people do) you can find them by using the model number of the box (router) at SMC Router Passwords.

Most usernames and passwords are on the bottom or back of the DTH router & setup box. I type mine and put them with the operating instructions that I place in my device instruction drawer or simply use a good black ink pen and write them to close to the model number.

Get smc password

Wait wait, now I’m sharing here the what is SMC password for sun direct, The SMC password for sun direct is “password”.

You need to enter just “password” from your remote. and press OK

Waah it’s 100% working.

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