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Free to Air Channels in India 2021 | 250+ FTA Channels list and frequency: A few days ago, the news about DTH services providers was viral that watching TV on December 29 would be more expensive.

Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRAI) has made a substantial increase in the tariff for cable channels.

According to the New DTH Rules, viewers will also have to spend money to watch free to air channels in India.

The new rules will apply to All DTH Cable, and Broadcasters like Dish TV, Sun Direct, TATA Sky, Airtel, Videocon, etc.

Each user will get a base pack of Rs 130, and also will get some Free to Air channels in India according to the list issued by TRAI.

After that, customers have to choose channels according to their own favorite.

So guys, now I’m sharing here all the free to air channels in India 2021 list as per TRAI new DTH rules.

NEW DTH RULES by TRAI: Free to AIR channel in India 2021 List

According to the new DTH rules, the number of channels the viewer would like to see, they have to pay only the same amount. No need to pay for any extra channels who they never watched.

DTH and cable operators MRP set for each channel of information to be given to its user guide.

In TRAI’s research, it was revealed that cable and DTH users in India see only 30 to 32 channels all month.

If the consumer does not see more than 30 channels, why do cable and DTH Operators compel users to take packages on the users, in which 200 to 300 channels are given, whereas users just like to see the only selected channels?

So that’s the reason TRAI has launched new DTH rules for very DTH services provider and follow them.

Every DTH company and cable operator will have to accept this rule. On accepting the rules, there will be legal action against them.

Will DTH New rules effect on Free to Air channels in Indian audience?

So guys, will DTH new rules effects on free to air channels in Indian audience? Let me explain by a small example.

If you are using any DTH or cable operator services or any local cable operator, then you will pay Rs 130 for the Network Capacity Fee charge and 18% GST taxes.

It will show 50 FTA channels along with mandatory 25 DD channels. This will show a total of 75 free channels. You have to pay 130 +153 only just for the Network Capacity Fee.

Most of the burden will be on those poor and rural people living in the country, who see only free-to-air channels. People do not have to pay money to watch all channels on Doordarshan DTH or free to air satellite channels right now.

This is the information of the new DTH rules by the TRAI, now you know about the information about the free to air channels in India 2019 list.

Free to Air channels in India List 2021

As I mentioned above, 75 instead of 100 will be shown on Rs 153. So I will share here all the new updated free to air channels in India 2021 after new DTH rules.

Free to air channels frequency in india 2021

2 9X Jalwa
3 9X Tashan
4 9XM
5 Aastha Bhajan
6 ABP News
7 Adhyatm
8 Angel TV
9 Asianet News
10 Astha
11 B4U Music
12 Bharat Samachar
13 Bhojpuri Cinema
14 Bhojpuri Dhamaka DISHUM
15 Dabangg
16 Dangal TV
17 Dhamal
18 Dhamal Gujju
19 Divya TV
22 HBC News
23 Homeshop 18
24 Housefull Action
25 India News
26 India News Haryana
27 India News Rajasthan
28 India News UP/UK
29 India TV
30 Jain TV
31 Kanak News
32 Maha Movies
33 Mahuaa News
34 Manoranjan Movies
35 Mastiii
36 MH One News
37 Naptol Blue
38 Nation Today
39 Neo Sports
40 Nepal 1
41 News 1 India
42 NEWS 24
43 News India 24*7
44 News prime
45 News State UP/UK
46 Oscar Movies Bhojpuri
47 Patrika TV Rajasthan
49 Republic TV
50 Suvarna News
51 DD Bangla
52 DD Bharati
53 DD Bihar
54 DD Chandana
55 DD Girnar
56 DD India
57 DD Kashir
58 DD Kisan
59 DD Madhya Pradesh
60 DD Malayalam
61 DD National
62 DD News
63 DD North East
64 DD Oriya
65 DD Podhigai
66 DD Punjabi
67 DD Rajasthan
68 DD Sahyadri
69 DD Saptagiri
70 DD Sports
71 DD Urdu
72 DD Uttar Pradesh
73 Lok Sabha TV
74 Rajya Sabha TV
75 Gyan Darshan

I hope this information about free to air channels in India will helpful for you. if you have any issue please ask on the comment section our team will be 100% revert your back.

I also will be writing a very useful article on free to air channels frequency in India updated in 2021, so please keep visiting.

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  1. Dear Sir, Namaskar,
    As per FTA List 75 Chnls(Channels) 25DD Channels are mandatory but rest of the 50 chnls. which are free to air but not included in the list 2019. If I dropped some FTA chnls listed in 2019 & included in this list as per my choice which are declaired FTA will that FTA Chnls DTH Operator will accept ? These Chnls are definately SD Chnls. (Rs.153)
    I am viewer of HD Chnls. In addition to this I have to pay for only HD Chnls which I like to see in addition to Rs.153. My question is will the tatasky include the FTA Chnls not included in TRIA 2019 list which usually I watch for Rs.153. For choiced HD only paid seperately. pl. reply email ID: Thnks Regards Gurunath Tare

  2. If i chose 75 FTA+25 DD(mandatory) & some 15 Paid channels Costing Rs:100 with tax

    So i will need to pay Rs:0(FTA)+153(network capacity fees for first 100 channel)+Rs:100(Paid Channel with tax)+Rs:24(fees for next 20 channel prior than 100 channel with tax). Am i right?
    If Yes? Then
    If i chose 50 FTA+25 DD(mandatory) & some 15 Paid channels Costing Rs:100 with tax
    then i wont have to Pay extra Rs:24,as the count of my total channel is just 90 channel
    So i would Have to Pay Only Rs:153+Rs:100 =253. Am i Right?
    If No please elaborate.

  3. I watching fta channels with Fta setup box now I am not receiving 90% of channels which I used to see regularly, why now put break to this, please answer. I have clan 8007 setup box.

  4. ab maza nhi hy tv pe jub se indian ch band. ho gie hein is k chalne ka koi tarika btao na plz me pakistan se hoon

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